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Exceptional Legal Services
with fair and predictable pricing

Facing difficult decisions is hard enough, without adding complicated, and expensive legal services. Let The Carey Center for Justice help guide you through this process. We offer an experienced team in the areas of family and criminal law with a variety of options to meet your legal needs.  Our transparent approach for legal support is designed to ease client concerns about cost and process.

Explore for yourself which option might work best for you.

We offer various levels of legal help, customized to fit your needs. Whether you prefer to do it yourself, have some help or have full representation along the way…we can help you. At the Carey Center for Justice we provide an avenue for everyday people to have top legal talent in their corner. With experience in both family and criminal law we are ready to serve you.

I did not know what I needed until I called the Carey Center. They knew right away what needed to be done. What a relief!
– Maria G

The attorneys are so friendly! I was able to talk to them like I was talking to a best friend.
– Michael L.

I immediately felt at ease when speaking with their attorneys.  They were knowledgeable, and understood exactly what I needed .
– Tony N.